Scare Somebody App Reviews

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This is crap, sorry but not good.

Not Scared

I have been more scared of what I poop out than this.

lls scared my il cousin

I made my lil cousion pee his self he almost broek my ipod touch cuz when he go scarwed he dropped it and we was outside the neighborhood at like 2 in the mornin he dropped it and pissed his pants

Luv it!!!!

So funny I made my brother pee his Pants haha luv this app!!!!


If you really want to scare someone get this cause I latterly almost broke my iPod and peed my pants

Not scary at all.

Did not even scare my wife.


Incredibly stupid. Scary mirror is the only good one I found so far.


Not really scary, but it scared my brother

Gab gab

Never used it way to scary

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